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Communism tour

It is the best way to sightsee Warsaw in an unconventional way. The tourist travel on a vintage communism coach, by Poles because of its shape tenderly called “gherkin”, or by vintage Nysa vans from the communism area. Usually, the sightseeing schedule contains the Old Town, the Palace of Knowledge and Culture, Warsaw’s Prague district. During sightseeing, in Prague district in the old Connoisseur distillery, vodka tasting event takes place. Our guides are young and very enthusiastic which makes the trip very funny and pleasant experience.

Connoisseur vodka tasting

Connoisseur (Polish Koneser) is an old vodka distillery in Warsaw’s Prague district. Nowadays it is the Connoisseur Cultural Center. At the distillery tourists can see the boiler room. The rest of the distiller space is occupied by clubs and galleries. Sightseeing usually takes about 30-40 minutes. During vodka tasting event, tourists can also taste traditional Polish snacks served with vodka.

Shooting range

If you want to feel like John Rambo or Navy Commando, Warsaw’s shooting range is the place for you. It is a great spot to organize a company event including both shooting and a delicious meal. The events at the shooting range are often organized in the form of shooting competition. We offer different types of weapons, such as for instance: US Colt M4, uzi, M4, Steyr AUG i H&K MP5.


It is an excellent place to relax after an all day of sightseeing. Apart from classical SPA treatments we also offer a visit in a wellness zone where you can use a gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Among various beauty treatments we recommend aesthetic medicine treatments, high-tech cosmetology, massages and beauty rituals.


It is an excellent opportunity to try an extreme sport in a picturesque forest surrounding that has a few hundred hectares. Quads are vehicles especially designed to overcome terrain obstacles which are unreachable for other vehicles. The quad event can be paired with paramilitary outdoor activities.


Are the ideal way to organize a company meetings and incentives. They are also an opportunity to take part in competitions and create an excellent sport’s event paired with delicious meal for the group. Go-kart track ensures lots of adrenalin and positive emotions. The activities are often scheduled as a competition with cups and diplomas.


It is a kind of entertainment which guarantees casual atmosphere and good fun. The game does not demand any earlier skills or any special instruction. It is usually connected with some snacks for the participants. Bowling is an excellent type of entertainment for the group. Usually, bowling competition is organized for the groups when the participants compete individually or as a teams.


If you are musical, you like singing and you are searching for amusing entertainment for your group, karaoke may be the best choice for you. Karaoke is not only about singing well known songs along with melody, it is about fun and antics. This entertainment in one of the Warsaw’s clubs can be memorable experience.

The Buffo Theatre, the ‘Underground’ performance

The Buffo theatre was established in 1992. It is the most well known music theatre in Warsaw. From the opening of the theatre, 7 200 performances and concerts have been played; 2.5 million people have visited the place. The flagship performance of the Buffo theatre is the ‘Underground’ performance. It is about a group of young people: musicians, singers and dancers who give performances in underground.