Cracow Tours & Things to Do

Cracow Activities

Climbing in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

It is an attraction for those who are active and who like outdoor challenges and extreme activities. Our activities include for instance: passage between trees or rocks on 2 or 3 rope bridges, zip lines, climbing up a natural Jurassic inselbergs, exploring vertical and horizontal caves with the usage of specialist climbing equipment, descent and climbing using the rope, climbing a mountaineering lAddOrUpdateer and jumps from a platform.

Vistula (Wisła) cruise

It is an excellent opportunity to see Cracow from a different perspective. On a Vistula trail tourists pass the Wawel castle, the monastery on the rock of the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit, Redemptorist’s church, Kazimierz and Podgórze districts. An average Vistula cruise takes about an hour but there are also longer cruises, 2.5h to Bielany or 4h to Tyniec. There is possibility to organize a meal on the deck. The ships cruise only during summer season.

Water park

In Cracow has the biggest pool hall in Poland, it is also the biggest indoor water park in the country and one of the biggest in Europe. The main attractions of the water park include: pirate island, alligator slide, tornado and salamander slides, rainbow path, pipes and slides, swimming tracks, Jacuzzi, climbing walls, hydro-massage and the pool with waves. Apart from water attractions the water park offers saunas and café.

Shooting range

With original and exciting activities in one of the shooting ranges in Cracow tourists can spend time in an interesting way. We offer shooting packages which include shooting different types of weapons, instructor care and targets. We can also offer shooting competition to groups. During competition we ensure referee and prizes. In the shooting range a tourist can familiarize him or herself with: Colt M4, Glock 17 pistol, AK 47 Kalashnikov, PM 63 pistol, Taurus 608 revolver and Mossberg rifle.


Spa and wellness zones are an excellent places to relax after a long way of Cracow sightseeing. In the wellness zone we offer tourists a swimming pool with numerous water attractions: douche, geyser, countercurrent, Jacuzzi with salty water, dry and steam saunas and fitness room. In the spa zone we recommend various beauty rituals for instance massages, hammam, watsu and ayurvedic treatments.


Lately very popular form of outdoor sport is also available on tracks near Krakow. Tourists can ride quads in all weather conditions. All participants of the event receive helmets, quad suit and fluorescent vest. Riding quads always provides a lot of adrenalin to all participants


It is an ideal solution for a group fun. Apart from a competition with diplomas we also offer a meal for people who do not take part in a race at a given moment. For safety reasons before the beginning of the race all members of the group receive professional instruction and receive protective clothes. Finally, all the carting rooms have air conditioning.

Communism tour

It is an alternative way of Cracow sightseeing, especially Nowa Huta (New Mill) district. Transportation during the program is performed by vintage vehicles such as Trabant, Nysa or ‘gerkin’ coach. During the journey tourists can taste some Polish delicacies from the communism era and take part in vodka tasting. The participants will also visit an apartment-museum from the epoch in a real, still used block of flats.


It is a superb opportunity for evening relax in one of Cracow’s clubs. It is also a great chance for fun and laughter with your group or friends. Karaoke can be ordered on all days of the week and repertoire covers a great variety of songs, beginning with the old hits and ending with current top hits. If you travel with a whole group, we can also organize the best song competition.

Wall climbing

We offer professionally organized entertainment for groups and individual clients. In our cooperating objects, tourists can find walls adapted to all levels of difficulty and advancement, also sites for children and adults. All the beginners are under care of professional instructors who ensure safety during the whole event. Climbing center gives also the opportunity to organize a group event joined with delicious meal.


It has been lately popularized form of spending free time and entertainment in Poland. It doesn’t require any earlier experience or special instruction. The only necessary equipment includes balls and bowling shoes available in the bowling center. Bowling alleys are opened all days a week. Usually, bowling centers have their own gastronomy points so, it is quite popular to organize a meal for the group in them.

Bike City Tour

It is a marvelous and extraordinary way to sightsee the most well known Kraków sites and places which are completely unknown to average tourist. Thanks to this way of discovering the city you can experience the spirit of the city. Depending on weather, the tours are organized from March to November. During the event participants can admire the Old Town, Kazimierz district and also fire belching Wawel dragon.

Jura Ranch

It is a touristic estate in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska which lays abort 75 km from Cracow. It is an excellent place to organize varied outdoor activities for groups. Among many ranch attractions a tourist will find: sport’s courts, pitches and fields; numerous bike trails, eagle nest’s walking paths, rock climbing, ballooning, pig grilling with live regional music, sleigh rides, britzka rides, diving, paintball and quads.


We offer you professional organization of a paintball event. The game with paramilitary character has lately gained a lot of funs and followers. Therefore, it is also available in Cracow. For safety and cleanness, all participants receive helmets and protective clothes for the duration of the game. The event takes place in specially prepared field with terrain obstacles which make the skirmish more attractive.

Laser fights

It is more modern version of classical paintball in which participants do not use paint but lasers. The game is for both children and adults. Thanks to this new method the fighters are not as dirty and don’t have bruises from balls of pain. What is more, there is a special arena, laser labyrinth and the most modern equipment for the participants. In the center we can also organize a meal for your group.