Gdansk Restaurants

Gdansk Restaurants

Goldwasser Restaurant

Location: ul. Długie Pobrzeże 22
Cuisine: Goldwasser Restaurant offers delicious cuisine with Polish and international specialties and delicious fish dishes - a true treat for gourmets. Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner- GOLDWASSER is always the best choice.
Sitting places: 50

Pod Łososiem Restaurant

Location: Szeroka 52-54
Cuisine: This is, without a doubt, one of Gdansk's finest restaurants - and certainly one of its oldest. The classy and elegant interior quickly puts you in the mood for good 'ol, traditional Polish.The house specialties are: grilled salmon, a fresh salmon pate, and delicious white cheese soup, just to name a few.
Sitting places: 120

Baryłka Restaurant

Location: located on one of Gdansk's main thoroughfares
Cuisine: Local seafood dishes are the specialty at this restaurant. You'll probably love the whole fish dishes and shellfish that leaves nothing to the imagination.
Sitting places: 80

Hanza restaurant

Location: on the bank of the Motława river.
Cuisine: the Hanza's restaurant is able to offer its Guests delicious meals such as they can find in few other places.Every gourmet, whether from the Tri-City or elsewhere, will find something to satisfy their palate in the restaurant at the Hanza. Sumptuous meals of Polish and international cuisine are served in elegant style
Sitting places: 50